Friday, 16 June 2017

Visit the Best Dentist in Delhi for Oral Cancer Treatment

We all avoid visiting a dentist until the condition becomes really severe and then expect to get the problem diagnosed within a few visits. And one of the most danger condition or disease is oral cancer.


The early signs of cancer go unobserved and thus, the condition gets worst and impossible to get it cured. We all have heard that we should visit the best Dentist in Delhi at least twice a year, but how many of us do follow? Dentists can observe the early signs of oral cancer during the regular visits of routine checkups and can take preventive steps to cure the root of cancer.
Sign and symptoms:
Cancer can take place anywhere in the mouth such as tongue, throat, lips, salivary glands, pharynx, larynx, and sinuses as well. Currently, there is only one preventive method for the cure of the disease and that is, identifying the symptoms at early stages to overcome the disease. Here are some symptoms listed below and if you observe any of the following, it is advised to quickly visit the best Dentist in Delhi to start the treatment immediately.
  • Red or white lesions area around the mouth or lips
  • Sores, lumps, swellings, or thick patches occurring anywhere inside or around the area of the mouth or throat
  • Feeling like a lump or some object got stucked in the throat
  • Feeling pain in one side of the ear without any loss of hearing capability
  • Numbness, tenderness, or pain anywhere around the mouth, even around the tongue
  • Loose teeth with no apparent dental cause
  • Feeling difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue
  • Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, or speaking
  • A lingering sore throat or hoarseness
Hence, if any of the sign and symptoms are observed, the Best Dentist in Delhi quickly undertakes the patient for oral cancer examination, which is vital in detecting the early stages. During the routine checkup, the Dentist examines the teeth and gums, and also visually checks for the lips and face just to be sure that cancer sores have not spread beyond its root.

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